Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ad Continuum Files Exhibit B

Exhibit B at last! Full view here.

A little behind the scenes if you may.

After a not so long (I think) hiatus, fifthStitch is back babeh! And this time with a double update! I'd be uploading a new comic very soon so watch out for it. I also edited Exhibit A of the Ad Continuum Files. Upon closer inspection, I made a bunch of typographical errors, so I corrected them and made a bunch of other changes for consistency's sake. You can view Exhibit A here.

Anyways, nothing much to say here, except for the fact that this ends the first chapter of Ad Continuum. For all my readers out there, I know there aren't very plenty of you, but it was a fun run. I had to learn how to photograph, edit and layout, and doing so was a blast! I'm really seeing myself now collecting more FIGMAs and SHFs and making comics out of them, in fact, I've been having crazy ideas for some new comics! I would have to put all those on hold though, as I'd really like to focus on Ad Continuum.

I'm not setting any expectations for Chapter 2, except that I would put all that I have learned thus far into making it. Would you believe I've gone from automatic settings photography to manual settings photography over the course of Chapter 1? I didn't even think I could make it this far! Anyway, yeahp, that should be it, lest I count the chicks before they hatch. I'd try to make Ad Continuum more involved story-wise so I guess that's something to look forward to. So for now...

I'd see you all on the next ride... to Chapter 2!

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