Friday, April 30, 2010

Deus Ex Machina

I was lucky to have survived that fall.

First Shiine, now Chacha as well; just what is going on here? It's been the better part of a decade since I last saw them; I had resigned myself to never see them again. But like a cruel cosmic joke, there they were! Or at least, there was Shiine and Chacha, but not how I remembered them.

It's all happening way too fast...

"Are you awake?" I heard a voice ask.

"Yes, I think I am, unless I'm hearing strange voices in my dreams. What happened?"

"Most of your bones are broken, your skin has been fried and torn up, you lost half the blood in your body and still you manage to be cynical huh? Well, I saw you unconscious on the shore so I brought you here." The voice answered.

"Here? Where is here?" I said, trying to get up. The pain wouldn't let me.

"Don't try to get up yet, you're ribs got badly beaten up and broken. It should take you a month, maybe two to heal."

"And you plan on keeping me here until then? What do you want in return?"

"Depends, I could just probably rip you open and examine your organs, maybe sell them to scalpers. I heard shape shifters like you are a rare breed. You heart would fetch a handsome amount..."

"Why you..." was my pathetic attempt at a reply. I heard her chuckle in response.

"I'm just kidding! Give me a little credit here; I did save your life! By the way, I haven't formally introduced myself. I'm Aiushtha, a forest dryad. Or at least I once was. And to answer your previous question, you are now in Crying Eagle. I've been living here ever since those stonedwellers destroyed my former home."

"Crying Eagle huh..."

"Yup! Legend has it that they got the name from the weird noise the birds made when they tore their way through the woods where they built this city. It sort of sounded like eagles crying, or at least, that was what the legend said. Still, the thought of it kind of makes you sad huh?"


"I'm sorry to be bothering you with these useless sentiments. Those woods... Was actually where I used to live. I won't be able to forgive those greedy stonedwellers, but there really isn't much I could do then and now."

"I see..." was all I could muster. It's been forever since I last talked to someone, never mind having to comfort them at the same time.

"Well, anyway, don't worry about it. Make yourself at home until your injuries heal. That should be in about a week or so."

"I thought you said it'd take a month!"

"Nah, it would but you're gravely underestimating me. You see, I specialize in healing magic. It's been a while though since I last used them, so I might have grown a little rusty. If I were in my prime, you'd be up and running in no time!"

"I see, thank you- Aiushtha was it?"

"Yup! But it's unfair that you know my name and I don't know yours."

I couldn't help but grin.

"I'm Riiya, the White Wolf. Pleasure to meet you... If I wasn't hurting like hell right now."


From An Other's Eyes Episode 2: Raven Hair

Those crazed, panicked words kept playing over and over in my head; angry words that are terrified and at the same time devastated, calling on a name whose owner did not respond. I still cannot believe what had just happened. He must have been playing us for a fool all this time! That name and face, bullshit. He could've easily wiped us all out; he didn't need a name or a face!

All he needed was a reason.

"He's dead."

Those words were the final nail to the coffin. Come to think of it, we might all end up in one very soon. I wished I had heard wrong, but the image of him falling over, eyes blanking out, fingers gingerly clutching cutlery; there's just no denying it. And we would most likely be next. The murderer who did this must be laughing his ass out right now! Shit shit shit...

"Reaper! Where are you?!? Show yourself! You must know something about this!"

That's right! He- it must know what had happened. It's been missing for some time now; certainly it must have had something to do with all this. I may not be all that sharp, but looking back, that thing disappeared just prior to his death. Has he been in cahoots with that demented murderer? In any case, he- it must be found. For our sake, it must be found.

"Everyone look at this!"

What the hell is this? Sand? How could there have been sand here, and this much? This could have easily destroyed all the sensitive electronic devices we've been using in this investigation, so how could there be this much sand in here? Has this been lying around here all this time? It just doesn't add up!

"Whoever did this... I will avenge his death."

Cold. His words, no, his entire being is cold. As cold as death.

"Only by solving this case will I bid him farewell."

Is he nuts? Is this kid trying to get us all killed? I don't care if he's the director's son, but putting all our lives in danger, he must be out of his mind!

"Mister Matsuda, if you are afraid of getting killed, I suggest that you leave..."

"No of course not! I'm not quitting of course... Please Light, you're starting to sound like Ryuuzaki!"

Looks like I'm going to be part of this shit after all. That son-of-a-bitch Light, I swear one day I'm gonna shoot him dead.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Of Corianders and Forget-Me-Nots

"Why did you come back?" she said, a smoke tucked expertly between slender fingers.

Silence mostly occupied the dank room. She had been sitting quietly, having lit her first cigarette. The first of many.

"Why shouldn't I?" he said, reclining.

"Is it love?"

"You put it too bluntly."

The night had been filled with sensations and delights, as was the custom. No subtle words are needed to describe this room of pleasure, it is as it is: a brothel room. A room for sex.

She had been employed as a vagina for hire. While it is natural to hate the job, she draws pleasure from what little she can get from it. After all, being paid for sex is awesome right? Why mope over your pitiful existence if there's nothing you can do about it? Why cry if you can enjoy? Isn't that what sex is for anyway?

He had been her patron. While she has locked genitals with many others, his in particular had been the most familiar. He works by day as a small-scale businessman, nothing illegal or anything. After all, his meager income does brings food to the table; and with his wife and kids away, the only mouth he has to feed is his own.

"You know that I do..." he said coyly, rolling over and facing her, gazing at her sultry body.

She took a long hard sip. Menthol quickly filled her breath.

"Honey... I love you... There I said it..." nudging himself toward her. The bed groaned and creaked in protest.

Grey wisps of tobacco vapor filled the void immediately in front of her. The wisps swayed and danced like sprites in a frenzy.

Silence once again.

"I've had that shit so many times. I'm a whore you know, I've heard that phrase all too many times. I love you this, I love you that. Do you honestly think I even give those words any value?" she said, her moving lips being the only hint that the words indeed came from her.

He remained silent. Out of words or out of will, he couldn't even figure out.

A knock on the door signalled their borrowed time of bliss is over. Rising up, he headed for the shower to freshen up. She was about finished with her third stick.

As he headed for the exit, he left quite a sum of money on a plate atop a bedside drawer. The rolled notes slowly unraveled as he turned the knob on the door. The old pins and pinions inside the knob made a distinct noise metallic noise as he slowly inched the door ajar.

"Will... You be back tomorrow?" she asked, her eyes still locked in oblivion, slender fingers still clutching a smoke.


Much like everything inside that room of sensations, the door made painful noises as it opened. He took a step forward, toward the hall leading back to the reception counter where other patrons were waiting for their turn. Toward the road that leads back to his small townhouse unit. Toward reality.

"Take care then..." she said.

The stick slipped through her slender fingers. She headed for the shower to freshen up.



love you

dearest I love you


And till I can my frail heart will

always be for you