Monday, October 25, 2010

Ad Continuum Chapter 2 Episode 6

The sixth episode of Chapter 2!. I've got my numbering scheme sorted out and I found out that yes, this is indeed the sixth comic, and last week was the fifth. Anyway, full view here, as usual.

A little behind the scenes if you may.

Nothing much to say here. I'm still experimenting on the battle scenes and so far, I've been mostly satisfied by the set-up you see above. I might adopt this for my other comics, but time will tell if I end up discovering something better.

I suppose you're interested (if ever you are) by the new SHF figure right about the fourth panel. Yeah, that's Kamen Rider W, as some of you may already know, and yes, he's quite rare. I got him for about 1800 PHP (about "I don't really know" in dollars) discounted; his original price is 2000 PHP, a testament to his "rareness" here. I suppose there are still some of this dude out there, but he is one of those toys which, either you get them now or suffer the consequences. I'd rather not.

I thought for sure W's joints and pose-ability would be better than Decade's (best SHF thus far). But to be honest, between his hard to swap hands and his freakishly scary scarf joint and rickety tight knee and hip joints, Decade's jointage is still miles ahead. I hope that opinion would change over time (maybe the joints would loosen up as I play with Double [and yes, I am playing with him now as I type this]), as Double is much better looking IMO than Decade. Anyway, I would see you all on the next ride!



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