Wednesday, September 2, 2009


“Who- who are you?” but I already knew.

“You forgot? Aww, Mistress Chacha will be so sad if she finds that out…” he replied.

It’s been now ten years since I left Mochi Mochi. Not so long before I did, they left too, and not so long before that, my caretaker disappeared as well. I was saddened beyond comprehension because of their disappearances; I thought it was best to just forget about them completely.

Now he’s back.

“Are you sure you don’t remember me Riiya? Or are you just surprised…”

“You… Cannot be Shiine… Are you?”

“Aww, you remembered! Good dog…”

He’s taunting me. Confused beyond my wits, I stood frozen, afraid to move. Here is a figment of my memory, a long gone and long forgotten memory, standing right in front of me, talking to me; a shred of a long gone past now clearly in plain sight and in the flesh.

How do you suppose I should feel?

“Heh, come now Riiya, Mistress Chacha is waiting for you…”

He extended his hand towards me one more, beckoning me to follow him. Hesitantly I rose from my crouched position, still in shock at what has just transpired.

“What did you do to those poor souls?” I finally managed to ask.

Shiine, who was just about to turn his back, stopped for a moment feinting surprise. He turned to me and said

“Them? Mere fodder for my magic. Plus I didn’t know of any other way I could attract your attention…”

I could feel my fists clenching.

“… Besides, just what are you thinking? Becoming the self-proclaimed protector of life in this city? Trivial nonsense if you ask me…”

This guy…

“Trivial nonsense? You just killed someone…”

“Kill, murder, sacrifice, consume, mere technicalities of the term. I am a magician Riiya, a practitioner of the arts. It just so happened that in my line of specialization, I’m required to feed on a soul or two every now and then. Failure to do so would lead to my weakening and eventual death. I’m sure you’ll understand-“

“Shut up!” I growled, launching myself forward, catching him off guard, mounting him and grabbing his neck.

“Hey hey, there’s no need for violence. It’s just two measly people; they had their time coming anyway…”

“How can you be saying this? You… You are not the Shiine I knew…”

“Riiya, you’re still na├»ve as ever. Didn’t you realize why we left Mochi Mochi?”

I tried to talk but nothing came out.

“Simply put, Mochi Mochi was getting too nice, too cute. Me and my mistress wanted something else… Some excitement…”

“And you found this excitement in killing people? Are you insane?”

“Heh, killing people is an inevitable cost we had to pay…”

“Cost?!? For what?!? What would compel you to take life so indiscriminately?!?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Power, Riiya, power makes the world go round. If you have power, you can have everything.”

“Monster…” I spat out, tightening my grip on his neck.

“In due time I know you will understand…”

Ooof… What the hell was that? One moment I was on him, the next I was sent flying across the rooftop. Lifting himself up, he began to walk towards me, relishing each step as if he had just won a war.

“Did you like that Riiya? That’s not even a fraction of my power…”

He placed two fingers on my forehead.

“Don’t resist, this is going to hurt only for a little while.”

As soon as he pressed his fingers into my forehead, I felt a sudden and painful stream of electricity jolting up and down my body. My muscles began to twitch on it’s own in painful succession. It felt as if my blood vessels were going to burst open. I let out a scream, but even that was painful.

Just before everything went black, I heard him say.

“Sleep tight Riiya… Soon we would be together again… You, me and mistress Chacha…”


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


"White wolf huh? Nah, I don't believe that kind of crap."

"But some people claim they've seen him, it, whatever..."

"Aww, come on girl! Don't tell me you're into that sort of thing?!? Major turn off..."

"Sheesh, I was only asking!"

Such were the rumors about the legend of the white wolf. Truth be told, I'm not really that much interested about what people think about me. I'm just careful not to develop any close connections with anybody, here in this city or anywhere else.

You could say I learned my lesson.

Many years had gone since I last saw them. I don't know if I'm even interested in seeing them anymore. I would rather live my remaining days not hearing from them, if only to not reopen wounds that have only just begun to heal.

It still hurts a little when I try to remember.

"It's getting dark... Honey, should we go back now?"

"What? But it's just getting fun!"

"Erm... Fine, but I have to be home by ten in the evening, or else pops would be really mad..."

"Aww, don't worry about your old man, I'm sure he'd understand or somethin'! You're her Prima Donna after all!"

"Eww! Don't call me that!"

"Woah, ow ow ow! You don't have to be so harsh!"

Nightfall is fast approaching. The howl of the wolf is only ever heard at night; it's too noisy in the morning. Buzzing cars, people marching by; when there is light, people can see and people can work, but when darkness covers the sky, life stops.

That's the time the wolf feasts.

The city reeks of evil at night. From petty thieves to murderers, the city doesn't seem to have enough of them. Every time you take one down, another takes its place. But I'm not really interested in stopping them. After all, it's not that they have a choice. The city is a punishing place; you have to literally lose yourself to survive. It's no wonder criminals are so prevalent. But there are some who do it not for survival nor for self-sustenance.

That's my cue.

"Hun... Where are you taking me?"

"Hehe, just trust me alright... I know where we are going..."

"O-okay... But it's so dark in here... Are you really sure? I'm getting creeped out..."

"Don't worry honey... We're here!"

"Huh? Where? But it's all dark and -"

A scream. The shrill sound of an innocent life being defiled is to me an inexorable cry. Quickly I make my way through the maze of city walls. Each daring leap, each dangerous step brings me closer to the source of the sound. I care not if I fall or if I trip; life must be protected at all costs.

I do the city a favor by being its guardian of life.

I can feel that I'm almost there. The smell of life being crushed is getting stronger and stronger. I draw my staff for the judgement that lay ahead; whoever is doing this will most definitely get his or her just desserts. No one has ever the right to defile and destroy life-

Wait, what just happened? The sound... It's... Gone...

I stood frozen for a short while. My hair stood on end as I realized what just happened. The smell of life, both from the victim and the attacker are both gone. In it's place lie the cold emptiness of death. But I can't smell the trail of whoever did it, it's as if they both died just on their own. But somehow, I can sense the offender is still close by, very close by. Whoever or whatever is doing this... Is taunting me...

"Hello Riiya, it's been a while!"

That voice! I turned around to see where it was coming from.

"Did you miss us?"

It's unmistakable. Only those magically conscious can seal away their existence completely. And the way he did it, it's as if he knew me from long ago. He masked his existence in such a way that I will recognize it but only ever so subtly; with such a terrifying aura too.

He extended his hand towards me.

"Come now, White Wolf, Mistress Chacha would be very pleased!"



love you

dearest I love you


And till I can my frail heart will

always be for you