Sunday, August 22, 2010


"Shiine, I would so love to have our old family back..."

"Yes mistress, so would I. Unfortunately..."

"Unfortunately that bitch Riiya seems to think otherwise!"

"Ye-yes mistress..."

"Shiine, will you kindly show our guest the way out."

"Yes mistress Chacha."

That dream again. It's been haunting me ever since Aiushtha saved me from certain death. She says she isn't in her full capacity, but her healing is remarkably potent. I shudder at how effective she would be when she's at "full capacity" as she claimed she used to be. It's been only three days and I already feel like I could take down an army of city dwellers!

She has graciously allowed me to live with her in her desolate hut. I don't recognize any of the surroundings, except maybe the river that runs right through the city she has chose to live in. To be honest though, I think I could sympathize with her. I too am a stranger in a city made of stone, or once was and twice now. Naivety made me think that I could be a guardian, a protector. Reality brought me down, especially that of Chacha and Shiine.

They have both grown up, but something did not feel right with them now that I think about it. It's as if, they haven't aged as much as I expected they would have. Ten years may not be much, but from the looks of them, they seemed younger than expected. Maybe it's just me; I hope it's just me.

Be that correct or not, one thing's for sure. Dark magick had corrupted both of them, thriving on the souls of the living to extend their own lives and their own potentials. It would explain the many disappearances in Mochi Mochi before the eventual disappearance of my master and caretaker, but I cannot help but doubt. They are my friends after all, or at least they used to be. Now, I just... Don't know...

What should I do...


"So he's here, huh?"


"So our precious Riiya is here? Bitch! How dare you steal him from us?!?"


"Mistress, shall we end her life?"





love you

dearest I love you


And till I can my frail heart will

always be for you