Monday, December 28, 2009

Doodle Faces

One silent night...

When there was no light...

I doodled in YM, faces so bright...

Some were T.T, others were o.O

Others were Lol'ing while others were \(oAo)/

And while the whole world slept, I drew a smile with a heart...

And everybody LOL'D and Super Lol'd till they all went (x_x)


Sunday, December 27, 2009


The magic words had been uttered, the cosmic powers had been invoked.

Melodies of triumph had now begun to ring.

And as the cliche says, justice is now about to be served.

The medallion had begun to glow as light streamed and enveloped my body. Wisps of cosmic energy surged and filled every artery and every vein. Warmth replaced the cold reality and inevitability of defeat as the power of the moon heard my desperate plea.

I began to feel the floor below me disappear. It wasn't like levitation, it was instantaneous, like the floor itself chose to vanish, leaving me floating in mid-air. But it wasn't as if I was hanging either; it was as if some cosmic hand held me gently aloft.

Up became down and down became up as the transformation begun.

Streams of luminescent cloth-like projections spiraled around me, and as if by magic, the torn clothes I was wearing were restored, or more accurately, transformed. Luna's healing touch repaired any damage I had from the battle that had ensued. Beginning with the smaller injuries, one by one every broken bone in my body, every tear of my flesh, restored itself, closed up and healed. Literally I felt like I am a whole new me.

As more and more cosmic energy began to fill me and envelop me, the intensity of the transformation increased. Even my worn morale began to heighten up; all blessings be had anybody who dare oppose me now. No longer was I weary, no longer was I broken. I am revived, I am revitalized.

I am reborn.

Now the real battle has begun. Now, evil will fear the light of the moon. Luna shines upon both malevolence and benevolence, and treats each with what they justly deserve. You who crawl in the darkness, terrorizing innocent hearts stand no chance.

For it is I, the soft crimson light of serenity.

It is I.

Sailor Moon!



love you

dearest I love you


And till I can my frail heart will

always be for you