Sunday, July 5, 2009


While the city sleeps, the wolf watches.

He stands guard amongst the tall spires and high towers, watching vigilantly as life slept below. With the moon as his only companion, he watches over the thankless world. Patiently he'd scan the horizon, observing intently every motion, every disturbance in the city below. Nothing escapes his senses. And when he finds something amiss, nothing escapes his claws.

His shiny blue hair contrasts against the darkness of the night; he covers it so he wont be noticed. If he passes by you, you're lucky to even see his shadow; no one has ever seen him. Very few acknowledged his existence anyway; to the waking world he is nothing more than a night-time shiver. He changes forms as he sees fit, man or wolf. He was from a clan of werewolves after all.

And when the day breaks, he leaves.

He once lived in a place of happiness. There, he enjoyed the companionship of his friends, his little so-called family. He never knew of his mother or father; he grew up an orphan, being taken care of by the most powerful wizard the world has ever seen. He would play everyday with his small group of rather clueless friends: a young witch in a red cowl and a young wizard under the tutelage of his caretaker's rival. He would go on adventures with them, strengthening their bonds and making them really close friends. He loved every minute of it.

But happiness cannot be forever. As they grew more mature, the young witch and wizard grew closer and closer together. He sensed he was becoming a third wheel, but the couple wouldn't want to push him away. So he hanged out with them still, going in lesser and lesser adventures as the couple furthered their magical arts, and their relationship. There was awkwardness of course, but they kept reassuring him that it was OK, he would always be their friend. They didn't know for him it was more than awkwardness, it was heartbreak.

With a broken heart he trudged on. He joined the couple wherever they went, loving their company but growing ever more distant. The couple fell so much into each other, it began to irritate him. So the white wolf moved on, accepting the fact that their group would never be the same.

Then one day, darkness struck.

The first wave came in the form of the disappearance of his caretaker. Nobody knew where he went, not even his rival turned wife. It came as a surprise to him and to the rest of the people who knew and recognized the power of his caretaker. Some asked "Why would he leave? He was very happy here?" Others asked "Who could have done this to him? How could anyone match his peerless wizardry?" The latter were the wiser.

To this day, no one can answer those questions.

But perhaps his so-called friends knew. A few days later they too disappeared without a trace. This was the second wave of darkness and confusion for him. His lupine senses told him something was up, yet his conscience could not accept what it was telling him. Racked with emotional pressure, he left Mochi mochi.

He left his home.

He took residence in a nearby city, adopting it as his new home. He never grew any new emotional attachments, not even to his new city home. He took on the role of protector, as a distraction more than as a commitment. Thus begins his story, my story.

I am Riiya, the White Wolf.



love you

dearest I love you


And till I can my frail heart will

always be for you