Friday, July 23, 2010

Disappearing Stars Level 4


In compliance with District Governor Shuhei Smith’s directive, and as my account to the events that happened at around 600 hours today, this is District B resident Dan Manson’s report.

Would that do sir?

Okay sir. As mentioned it happened at 600 hours today. It’s really hard to describe. The beginning sir? Okay sir. I was in my apartment at District B. Pardon sir? Ah, yes sir, I’m a scholar sir, as are everyone in District B. Wh-where do I practice? Um… In… Grand Central University sir… Yes sir! I know the rule sir! Only those from District A can atten- Yes sir, yes sir… I will forfeit sir…

Of course sir, I would continue right away sir. As I was saying, I was in my apartment at District B, studying and preparing for tomorrow’s classes. I was in one of the upper rooms sir, so I had a clear view of the city. Anyway, I was actually reading when the incident happened. I wasn’t able to witness how it begun, but it was hard not to notice. The law prohibits regulars from being involved in the affairs outside our daily course of actions, but I just couldn’t contain my interest. Yes, I know that is what the walls are for, but as a scholar…

Yes, I know sir. It wouldn’t happen again sir. I’ll take better caution next time sir.

Describe it? Well, I can only call what I saw as a very bright column of light. It seemed to come from a hole in the sky, which in itself is hardly even believable. I’ve heard of rogue planes encountering invisible barriers in the sky, but those are all urban legends told by crazy fear-mongers. But I couldn’t mistake what I saw, and what I saw was a hole in the sky, probably punctured by the column of light. It was very brief though sir; it ended no sooner than it had begun.

And it happened very close to where I was sir! It was weird though that I never felt any shockwave. I was braced for impact, or at least I thought I was, but none came; it was the most peculiar thing! After the column disappeared, I resisted taking a peek at the damage zone, knowing full well that I already broke the law once that day and I won’t break it a second time. But again sir, my curiosity took hold of me, and I just couldn’t resist.

What did I saw? Well, it seemed as if… The column of light punched through the ground, leaving a gaping wide hole. All the gas pipes and supply lines were broken, with substances leaking and screeching with a fury. But it wasn’t just that sir. Beneath those layers of broken pipes, I saw… Well, I cannot really understand why but… There seemed to be… people.

Yes sir, I’m sorry sir, I would hurry up sir. Anyway, as I was saying, there were people. They were all in a panicked fit, running off from where the column of light seemed to have punctured a similar hole in their ground. I tried peering in deeper, but that’s when the mop-ups showed up, cordoning off the site and covering it up. I know it was futile, but I didn’t want to further incarcerate myself, so I decided against peering any further.

And that’s about it sir. Around three hours later, your people showed up and brought me here.

Yes sir, I understand sir. I wouldn’t te-




love you

dearest I love you


And till I can my frail heart will

always be for you