Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The roles are cast, the stage is set
The music plays, there's no regret
It's time to dance, the dance of death

The masks we don, our faces obscured
Pretentious eyes are all that's spurred
The emotions race, it's time we purled

An exchange of glances, o maiden true
Our hearts they seem, to misconstrue
But then again, I do not know you

And when its time, to turn and dip
The masks we don, shall fall and slip
The time has come, we fall asleep


Monday, October 4, 2010

Ad Continuum Chapter 2 Episode 3

Third episode of Chapter 2!. Full view here.

A little behind the scenes if you may.

This marks the end of the dream mini-arc of Ad Continuum. Hopefully you've been able to follow the story somehow, especially since I started off Chapter 2 with the said mini-arc. If in case you find something confusing, shoot me a comment below. You may also want to try rereading the last 3 comics, hopefully they would provide some sort of answer. I'd try to address any non-plot specific questions, hopefully in good form, as I know that comics and other forms of visual storytelling are not supposed to be explained.

Anyway, in case you were wondering what's up with the early update, well, actually... Everything else were just late XD. From here on in, I'd try to update on weekends, worse comes to worst on a Monday morning (+8 GMT). This is to make way for my other tasks, and a new little mini project that I want to create.

And as promised, we have a new character debut. Say hello to Nagato, more on her on the next ride!



love you

dearest I love you


And till I can my frail heart will

always be for you