Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ad Continuum Chapter 2 Episode 8

Episode 8! Again, full view here.

A little behind the scenes if you may.

W pedo in frame 4!

Got nothing much to say actually, except maybe I'm planning to close this chapter in an episode or two. So yeah, I can still remember when I made my sentimental comments on ending chapter 1,and I feel like I'm inclined to do so again very very soon. I dunno. I'm babbling.

Some new stuff here, I've been testing out a new way of rendering electricity, which you would notice in frame 2. I'm not really sure if it works, so please leave a comment if you think it did or didn't and why. Also, I'm slowly drifting back to the more relaxed four or so frames per episode. I've been doing action packed multi-framed comics recently, and I don't really want it to get old real fast. Worry not, I'd use it again when the need arises!

That should be it, see you all on the next ride!



love you

dearest I love you


And till I can my frail heart will

always be for you