Friday, April 30, 2010

From An Other's Eyes Episode 2: Raven Hair

Those crazed, panicked words kept playing over and over in my head; angry words that are terrified and at the same time devastated, calling on a name whose owner did not respond. I still cannot believe what had just happened. He must have been playing us for a fool all this time! That name and face, bullshit. He could've easily wiped us all out; he didn't need a name or a face!

All he needed was a reason.

"He's dead."

Those words were the final nail to the coffin. Come to think of it, we might all end up in one very soon. I wished I had heard wrong, but the image of him falling over, eyes blanking out, fingers gingerly clutching cutlery; there's just no denying it. And we would most likely be next. The murderer who did this must be laughing his ass out right now! Shit shit shit...

"Reaper! Where are you?!? Show yourself! You must know something about this!"

That's right! He- it must know what had happened. It's been missing for some time now; certainly it must have had something to do with all this. I may not be all that sharp, but looking back, that thing disappeared just prior to his death. Has he been in cahoots with that demented murderer? In any case, he- it must be found. For our sake, it must be found.

"Everyone look at this!"

What the hell is this? Sand? How could there have been sand here, and this much? This could have easily destroyed all the sensitive electronic devices we've been using in this investigation, so how could there be this much sand in here? Has this been lying around here all this time? It just doesn't add up!

"Whoever did this... I will avenge his death."

Cold. His words, no, his entire being is cold. As cold as death.

"Only by solving this case will I bid him farewell."

Is he nuts? Is this kid trying to get us all killed? I don't care if he's the director's son, but putting all our lives in danger, he must be out of his mind!

"Mister Matsuda, if you are afraid of getting killed, I suggest that you leave..."

"No of course not! I'm not quitting of course... Please Light, you're starting to sound like Ryuuzaki!"

Looks like I'm going to be part of this shit after all. That son-of-a-bitch Light, I swear one day I'm gonna shoot him dead.

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  1. It's plausible, but out-of-character for Matsuda. Remember, he is half pro-Kira.



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