Saturday, June 20, 2009

Disappearing Stars Level 0

I think saw one, through a clear patch of sky through a hole in the dome.

Were they called stars? I think that’s what the textbooks say. I mean, I haven’t seen one and really confirm it is one. Nobody knows anymore for sure, so I would suppose it was what I saw.

Let me describe it.

It was about half an inch wide in the sky, yeah, and it was glowing orange. It kind of made the dark sky look a little warm colored, though I am not even sure it was the ’sky’ I am seeing. It seemed so pretty right up there, and it seemed so high too.

No no no, I know it’s not the sun that I saw. I know the sun, its being reflected to level zero through the light shaft right? How should I say this. It was different from the sun that I see reflected on the dome. It’s not… flat… It looked as if though it was floating up on the sky.

How do I know it’s the ’sky’? I don’t know really… It’s one of the reasons I’m turning myself over to this unit. If there are people I know who can tell me, I think its you guys…

Sorry sir… Yes sir, understood sir…

Anyway sir, the sky that I saw, it was orange in color, I think it was because of that ’star’.

Yes sir, through a hole on the dome sir. I think it was from one of the breaches from level one. They have been pretty noisy these days sir.

Yes sir, I know its not part of my business sir, I apologize sir…

Yes sir, moving on. Before I saw the light sir, I was inside my shelter. Shelter number eight three one sir. I felt the ground shake and everything seemed to brighten up sir. It’s the reason why I decided to go out of my shelter sir. It was quite a deal actually sir, seeing as I’m disabled and this wheel chair unit is pretty old.

So I went out sir. As I said, I thought it was a breach on level one, then I looked up from the hole and saw the ’star’…

Yes sir, I think I remember seeing other levels sir. Aren’t they just part of level one sir? I mean, from what the scribes teach us, there are only two levels right? Level zero, our level, and level one right?

Sorry sir! I’m only recalling what the scribes taught us!

Yes sir, I would forget everything about it sir.

Yes sir, I did not see any star, or feel any quake or see any bright light. Yes sir, I did not see any hole. Yes sir, understood sir.

Yes sir, reporting out si-


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