Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alternative: In Due Time Part 2

“Whe- where am I?” she asked.

“So you’re awake.” replied the silver-haired demon.

Immediately the girl began to struggle, which of course did not sit well with her captor. Immediately he drew in close, so close she can feel his breath against her face, sending her body in a state of frozen panic.

“You do bear an uncanny resemblance to her don’t you? No wonder Inu Yasha has fallen head over heels for you…”

She couldn’t say anything. She tried but no word came out. Every muscle of her paralyzed body opposed her, fearing for dear life.

The silver-haired demon stepped away.

“You shouldn’t struggle Kagome; it’s only going to make the journey much more difficult for you.”

Sesshoumaru pulled the accursed hourglass out from his kimono, holding it in front of Kagome.

“I don’t suppose you know what this is? This artefact used to belong to Jikan, the demon of time. Many times he was able to escape death by using this artefact, which gave him the ability to travel back in time.”

Kagome didn’t really give a damn. As soon as she could, she began struggling again against her bindings. Sesshoumaru simply smiled; after all, it wasn’t like she was going anywhere anytime soon.

“Indulge me for a minute, I just love the hopeless expressions humans make when they know they cannot do anything to stop something that’s right in front of them…” he said, stepping closer towards Kagome once again.

“The moment I turn this hourglass, we go back in time to any point I wish to. We immediately take the place of our former selves back then, continuing to live from that point on. In short, it would be as if the future didn’t happen at all, but the memory of your unlived future would still linger.”

Kagome’s eyes widened at the thought. Sango, Miroku, Shippo, even that perverted flea demon Myouga; all the time they shared and spent together would disappear. What if she never gets to meet them again this time around? What if…

A wave of fear and panic struck her.

“Yes, that’s right. Even the time you spent with your beloved Inu Yasha.” he said, turning the hourglass over.

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  1. i wanna know what sesshoumaru's reason for doing this is. he's not the type to just want to make inuyasha suffer. XD



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