Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alternative: In Due Time Part 1

The silver-haired demon raised the possessed hourglass triumphantly. His lips formed a subtle smile; a sadistic, gleeful, almost dangerous smile.

“Jikan, demon of time, your power is mine at last. Now my revenge would be complete. I only need one more piece…”

Feudal era Japan is rife with myths and legends; of demons ruling vast territories and of shrine maidens protecting villagers against them. It was a peculiar time indeed, but amongst all these peculiarities lay a peculiarity most peculiar of all.

“Give her back you scumbag!” yelled the younger half-demon.

“And why would I do that little brother?” mocked the elder full-demon.

The weight of the half-demon’s sword made the ground shake, but it found nothing else to hit. The elder sibling deftly dodged the demonic blade.

The younger half-demon was not deterred. He kept on striking and striking, each slash coming dangerously close against his under matched adversary. It was as if the elder demon was playing a dangerous game of tag against his younger brother; ever teasing but never really allowing his blade to touch. Not even a strand of his flowing silver hair was disturbed. All this while carrying his unconscious female captive over his shoulder.

Then he stopped playing.

“Foolish little brother.” he said, blocking the sword with his bare hand. “How many times must you experience defeat before surrendering to it?”

The younger half-demon was sent flying with one powerful swing, heavy sword and all.

“Do not worry; I do not intend to kill her yet.”

“Sesshoumaru, you basta-“ he was stopped in mid-sentence. Slowly the lights faded out on him.

Sesshoumaru drew his fist from his brother’s gut, now a few inches deeper than where it was supposed to be.

“Farewell, Inu Yasha…”

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