Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alternative: In Due Time Finale

The earth around them danced, painting streaks of colours across the once empty cove. Flashes of the past spun and weaved about, reminding Kagome of the memories she would never have.

“We have arrived.”

Inu No Taishou, the father of both Inu Yasha and Sesshoumaru, was once a powerful demon lord known throughout all of Feudal Japan; it stands to reason that his power is coveted by his elder son and heir, Sesshoumaru. But fate wouldn’t be kind to the silver-haired demon, as for some reason unbeknownst to him; it would be his brother, Inu Yasha the half-demon, who would inherit his father’s “greatest” treasure.

Today was the day he did.

“How dare you defile the tomb of my father!” shouted the younger of the two.

The full demon grinned. He knew his plan had worked, and was moments away from taking revenge on both his insolent half-brother and his equally insolent partner. Immediately he pressed an all out attack, catching Inu Yasha off guard.

“I’ve waited so many years for this…” said the elder demon.

“If you’re referring to me kicking your ass, then me too!” yelled his brother, completely unaware if what was about to unfold.

The pair traded blows, with Sesshoumaru easily outmatching and outclassing Inu Yasha. The former dodged the latter’s every blow, while connecting blows of his own, drawing blood. With surgical precision, the elder hacked at his younger brother’s body, eschewing swift death for slow, painful agony.

Of course Inu Yasha was unfazed.

“You bastard!” panted Inu Yasha, his breath short and shallow. For a moment the fighting seized, both warriors catching their breaths, but mostly just Inu Yasha.

“As much as I enjoy toying with you, little brother, I have other things to attend to here. I would have to put your slaughter on hold for a while.”

“Don’t you dare!”

Inu Yasha charged at his elder brother, claws at the ready. Sesshoumaru mirrored his brother’s move, but as soon as the two collided, the elder swerved deftly to one side, sending Inu Yasha flying through the force of his own attack. Sesshoumaru continued charging, aiming for a different target.

“Kagome!” shouted the half-demon, pulling himself up, blood dripping from his wounds.

Too late. Sesshoumaru was already inches away from Kagome.

“Pesky little girl. If you hadn’t drawn the sword, I wouldn’t have been in a perpetual state of misery. Now I’m going to remove you from history to prevent that event from ever happening. Die!”


Claw met layers of sinew and flesh. Ribbons of blood danced in the air, as Sesshoumaru’s attack found its mark.

“Ka- Kagome…”

“Inu Yasha!” Kagome coughed. Blood spilled from her mouth.

The elder demon’s strike unexpectedly found not one but two targets. At the very last moment, Inu Yasha used his body to shield the young girl. Unfortunately…

“I’m sorry… Kagome…” said the bloodied half-demon, his weakness betraying his sincerity.

“No… Inu Yasha… Why… I don’t understand…” replied Kagome, equally weak.

Sesshoumaru shrugged, drawing his claws back from the two of them, sending both plummeting to the ground. The half-demon took hold of Kagome; a futile attempt to safeguard her from the fall. He fell back first, catching Kagome on top of him.

For a while, the injured pair didn’t move. They both felt the elder demon’s poison seeping through their veins, worsening their already terrible states.

“Somehow…” Inu Yasha broke the silence.

He limply placed his arm around Kagome.

“I don’t know why… I don’t even give a damn about you… But somehow…”

“Inu Yasha…” beads of tears began to form on Kagome’s eyes, pushing herself off from him.

“It feels like… If we’ve spent… Some more time together…”

“Inu Yasha… Please… No more…” Kagome used the last of her strength to crawl herself forward, resting her hand on her beloved half-demon’s cheek.


Their lips met. She’d say it felt nice and he would have scolded her for it if they could.

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