Friday, June 18, 2010

Of Pertaining to Comedy: Episode 4

So here comes Episode 4. I think. Click here for the full view.

Before you hack me to death with a baseball bat, let me explain.

So today was a really really special day for me, since I got to spend some quality time with a person who is very near and dear to me. And while I try to think of anything to build up the suspense before I finally reveal where we went, I fail, so let me just put it straight. We went to the Manila Ocean Park. Manila friggin' Ocean Park!

It was the most fun I ever had in ages! I'm sure there's probably something wrong with me if the most fun I had in ages involved watching fish swim in a tank, but well, yeah... The most fun I had in ages involved watching fish (and jellyfish!) swim inside a bunch of tanks. I also got to see a crocodile, and some crabs eating shreds of shrimp, so I guess I'm not really that dysfunctional. Am I? (Of course you are, you made a comic out of a photo of some jellyfishes you idiot!)

All kidding aside, the Manila Ocean Park visit was pretty fun! I have so much to say but I can't capture them in words that aren't "OOOOOH" and "AAAAAH" right now, so I would probably let the feeling simmer before I blog anything. Then I would forget to or refuse to because I'm too lazy, so the blog would never get written anyway. But it seriously was boatloads of fun! I especially like the gigantic aquarium with a tunnel you cross under. Those friggin manta rays are awesum! And creepy, to be honest.

The jellyfish you see in the comic were part of the Jellies, Dancing Sea Faeries exhibit, which would actually cost you extra just to see (apart from the admission cost of the Oceanarium, the main attraction of the Manila Ocean Park). I suppose this comic is just me making the most out of that extra cost, but it was all worth it. I dunno if you can call it Zen or whatever, but watching jellies loll about in some wall mounted or pillar shaped tank while listening to classical music really busts away stress, and I will tell you, I've got loads of stress to bust.

Anyway, for those who cannot understand the native vernacular of my country (Filipino), "Pangit" is an adjective which means anything from plain old "Ugly" or hideously "Vile" (yeah, Filipino words are like that, although I'm pretty sure there's a better Filipino word for vile). It can also serve as an insult when hurled at someone. Which would be kind of an unfortunate thing in Jellyfish world since, you know, you tend to all look alike, being the product of asexual reproduction. Here's just me saying, I'm sorry for all the jellyfishes I might have hurt with that statement.

There, anyway, see you in the next ride!

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