Sunday, September 25, 2011

Because you chose her

"You said  you love her right? Then why are you here with me?!? Hehe..."

Oww oww oww! Too bright! Morning sunshine... Too bright!

Well, more like afternoon sunshine; it's around twelve in the afternoon already, far too late for a guy like me to be waking up.


Huh... must've been from last night. I probably drank myself to sleep or something; the guys probably left me once they figured I'm not gonna budge till late in the afternoon... Speaking of afternoon... Waaay to early to be waking up when you're having a hang-over... Or something...

"Hey, you're back! Have you made your decision yet? Well? Have you?"

Woah, must've dozed off... What time is it now... Quarter past two? Already?!? Damn! Shouldn't I be doing something right now?

Hmmm... Mmmhh... Mmmmhh... Yaaawn...

Getting up is such a pain though. Besides, the comforters feel exceptionally warm and comfy today. Fifteen minutes more...

"Hey, where did you disappear to? I was looking all over for you! So... Have you decided?"

"Huh... Wha- What are you talking about?"


"Ow! Not my shins! What the hell?!?"

"Oh... Sorry, did that hurt? So you must've really forgotten... Don't you remember who I am?"

"You... Wait... You are..."

"Yes! That's right!"

"Wait, I don't remember who you are..."

Owww! Damn it, that was my shin you dumb... Wha? My room? Wasn't I... Wasn't I at school or something? And damn it, next time I'm not putting my dumb bells where they could crash on my legs...

Wait a minute...

Three thirty in the afternoon?!? Wait, now I remember! Darn, I have to go pick her up, she must be waiting for me! Where's my stuff? Where's my stuff?!?

Darn it all!


"Hmmhh... huh? Where am I?"

"With me... Isn't that enough?"

"He-hey wait! What are you doing? And why the hell are you naked?!? And what are you doing on top of me?!?"

"Hee hee... So you'll never have a reason to leave me anymore... See, aren't you being excited too? Your heart's thumping real quick, and I don't even have to feel your chest to figure that out..."

"Wait... That's not... That's not it! She- she's waiting for me! Get off me!"

"Tsk, too late... Ahhh... Damn... This is too good to be true...."

"Get off me!"

Gah! What the... What the heck?!? And crap, that hurt! Better tidy up later... Owwww... Damn it, no time for that, I told her we'd be meeting by four, and its now... What?!? Quarter to four already?!?

Must hurry! Must hurry! Damn it, where are my shoes?!?

Riiiiing! Riiiiing!


Hey, where are you? Are you going to be late again? You promised to meet me by four!

Sorry! I'm really sorry! I just woke up! Had a strange dream too... Well, I'd tell you all about it later, I'm dashing right now, I'd be there in a jiffy!

Hmph... Whatever... I knew it... Well, take care then- Wha... What was that?!? Hello?!? Hello?!? Hey, are you still there? Hello?!?

"Wha... what's this?"

"Finally awake..."

"Why are all those people lined up like that? Mom! Dad! Hey! Hey! Wa-wait a minute... isn't that?"

"Yes, that's her."

"Hey, hey! Sorry I'm late! I'm here now..."

"You should've just chosen me when you got the chance. Now what do you have to say for yourself, making her cry like that?"

"Huh? Why can't I reach them?!? Why can't I come over to them, she's crying, I must... I must do something... She must be worried sick! I said I'd meet her by four, what time is it?"

"Well, it's too late now..."

"Hold on, aren't you that bitch who kicked my shin and tried to rape me?!?"

"Pfft, and you still don't know me don't you?!? Well, no matter, you've got the better part of eternity to know me now! Heehee... You're all mine starting today..."

"Hey... Enough already! This really isn't funny..."

"Haha, I know... I wouldn't be laughing at my own funeral wouldn't I?"

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