Saturday, July 9, 2011


"You seriously aren't expecting me to jump this truck over this don't you?!?" Robert exclaimed, pointing frantically at a steep overhang. Apparently he had a truck, and he had to jump the truck over the crevasse. For an arbitrary reason he wasn't entirely sure either.

Rob was in his twenties, or at least, that's how old he thinks he is. He can't really tell, and neither can anyone around him. Nobody even knew the name of the place they were in, nor what time it was. All Rob knew is that he had a truck, a big freight trailer type truck (maroon; this is a fact he seemed to be very fond of), and he had to jump it over an overhang. Ever heard of the phrase "rhyme or reason"? Well, apparently, that phrase has long ceased to apply.

"But how are we gonna go home hun?" Charlotte goaded. Rob knew he had to listen.

Charlotte was Robert's girlfriend, or so they seem to posit. Both never knew each other really well, nor knew why they were in a relationship in the first place. All they knew was they're lovers, and as the girl in the relationship, Rob had to listen to Char, whatever it was she requested. And if charms, wiles and persistent goading won't work, she knew anyway that Rob wouldn't be able to resist anything she asks.

"Ugh, well, okay... Damn it, why do I even have to listen to you..." Rob muttered, the latter half trailing almost to the point of in-discern-ability. Of course, she heard; that's what girls are wont to do.

"Just drive!"

And drive he did. The old can that passed for a truck seemed too clunky and dilapidated to even be running, but he couldn't be picky. If he doesn't know the reason why they were there, he didn't have the right to complain about anything. He will jump the truck over the overhang, and he will do it, because he didn't have a semblance of a choice anyway. Like a slow motion highlight reel made real, the old hunker sped up and sailed past the cliff into the waiting road below. Or dropped.

Dropped seemed more appropriate. And yes, I forgot to tell you, they were in a road or street of some sort. And for no reason at all, there was an overhang on the road. I don't know either, it doesn't make any sense to me as well.

If you've ever ridden a roller coaster, then that's exactly how it felt for Robert and Charlotte. Pigs can't fly (no matter how many times broken romantics and Minecraft players insist they do) and neither can trucks. Metal crashed against metal crashed against rubber crashed against concrete as the truck came rumbling down the street below. Miraculously they survived, and so did the truck (but Robert didn't get to find out if indeed they did). By the way, in case you were wondering what kind of truck Rob and Char were in, it was one of those heavyweight freight trucks with a box like engine bay with a square radiator in front. Yes, it doesn't make sense, but really, does anything?

You know what happens though when people seem to fall aimlessly down a deep steep cliff, for no reason at all?

They wake up.

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