Monday, January 31, 2011

Ad Continuum Chapter 3 Episode 1

So we begin anew, a new Chapter that is! The first episode for Chapter 3, and the first episode of the year! How very exciting~

Anyways, full view here!

A little behind the scenes if you may.

If you're viewing this from my impeccable little blogger account I call My Psychosis (or the comparably impeccable but not quite as impeccable blog of Murakami Night), you would immediately notice how stuff have changed quite a bit, namely how you can now click on the image to bring you directly to the full view! Well, the full view link is still present if you're used to that, so yeah, it's not really much of a big deal I suppose. For the DA viewers out there, it's pretty much the same thing, so I guess this only directly affects a minute proportion of people who are actually interested about those sort of things...


Anyway, from now on, I'd be taking advantage of some of Blogger's new built in tools, primarily the Image Embed (Insert Image) tool and the Jump Break tool, which have become more and more user-friendly as of late. Gone are the days when I had to code these things manually, which strikes of another tedious list off of comic creation. Does that necessarily mean more comics? Not really. I'm still sticking to the one comic per week rule, seeing that now, more than ever, my time is on a very tight noose so to speak. Does this mean more regular comics? Hopefully so, since I won't be too lazy coding up the new blog post and I could focus completely on comic creation. I actually finished this comic late yesterday, but I was already so early in the morning that I wasn't able to post this up on time, seeing that I had to code stuff and make sure the Jump Break works and all that...


Yeahp! So enjoy the comic! Strictly speaking, this would be the first side-arc of my comic, but that doesn't mean the events are any less integral to the main plot. I'd rather think of it as a foil, an ominous little side-story that would speak volumes of the things to come. Hopefully we'd see more of Mato and Yomi's backstory, some more clues as to why the Riders are up and about, and why, if ever there is a reason, everything is. But for now, enjoy Ad Continuum's first face palm (frame 9). And if you feel like pointing something out, post a comment. I read and reply to all if not most of the comments, and it's nice to get feedback from people, especially those who are better at this than me!

I'd see you all in the next ride!

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