Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ad Continuum Chapter 2 Episode 2

Second episode of Chapter 2!. Full view here.

A little behind the scenes if you may.

I think I'm getting more used to working in Photoshop effects in my comics, although not necessarily better. This one took a while still, but it took a relatively shorter amount of time I think in terms of the amount of effects I used and editing that I had to do. What took most of the time here is figuring out how I should lay-out the fight scenes in the middle panels. Not perfect yet by a long shot yet I think, I'd still try to figure out better ways of laying out fight scenes, but it's a start I guess. What do you think?

My updates are still off and skewed, but I'd really try to make it more regular. As for the new figure I promised, well, she didn't make it here, but she would very very soon, I hope...

Anyway, see you all on the next ride! And maybe, just maybe, someone new will see you!

PS: This BTW is obviously an homage to my favorite Kamen Rider Decade scene. Dimension punch FTW!

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