Monday, August 30, 2010

Alternative: Null Memory

"Null Memory you say?" a worried, albeit handsome voice exclaimed.

"Yes, the look-up says it should be possible, extant even." replied his quirky partner.

"That... Can't be. The driver requires two souls to operate... But the Null Memory..."

"Will negate the requirement of the second soul. In short, I don't have to participate in this pointless exercise, am I right Shoutaro?"

I would never have thought he would find it. While it's true that he did inherit all the knowledge on Earth in that quaint brain of his, this "Null Memory" shouldn't even be... Real.

It's just not possible...

"So Shoutaro, find it already..."


"The Null Memory. Find it already."

"You can't be serious Philip." I said to him in reply, visibly annoyed from his persistence.

"Oh but I am. I never wanted to be part of this... Waste of energy. I should be concentrating on harnessing the Planet's Bookshelf. Did you know that once the Spaniards discovered that the Earth itself is round, the prices of transportation to areas of significant distance from Europe diminished greatly? The mere knowledge itself triggered a worldwide revolution!"

"Eh?" I replied, more out of exasperation than out of the fact that I didn't understand a word of what he just said.

"Knowledge is all there is Shoutaro. Nothing more, nothing else."

Philip, as genius as he is already, is the inheritor of the Planet's Bookshelf, a library of literally all the knowledge there is on the planet. History, Geography, even the individual biographies of everyone who had ever lived or is currently living could be found in the bookshelves, and Philip has access to all of them. His mind of course would not be able to handle all this information, and he has to perform look-ups on specific topics to harness the infinite knowledge found in the library. This is invaluably useful, but look-ups could get very addictive to knowledge-hungry Philip, which in turn annoys me to no end.

 "Shoutaro. Please. I'm serious..." he said, opening the door to his secret room behind our excuse for a detective agency headquarters.


"I don't want to fight anymore." he continued, slamming the door as he finished the sentence.

"Find the Null Memory Shoutaro. Please."

His voice sounded hollow coming from the other side of the door. Was he merely consumed by his addiction, or was this what he wanted all along?

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