Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Then till now

"Must you be always so disagreeable?" he asks.

"You're the one disagreeing with me!" she claims.


At least there was one thing they had agreed about.

"So you're not even gonna apologize huh?" he quips.

"Of course! What's there to apologize about?!? Shouldn't you be the one apologizing?" she retorts.

"Fine fine fine, geez... But I won't apologize, why should I?"

"Okay then, don't apologize. You and your stupid pride..."

You might be wondering, what was it that they had agreed about?

"Look who's taking now!" he answered in disgust.

"Oh please, will you just shut up?" she replied.

Well, in truth, it's really hard to believe really. Even if I tell you, you wouldn't believe it at all.

"Fine then! I will!"

"You better do ass-face, quiet is better than hearing your pathetic whining!"

It was about, well, maybe one year ago. Prior to that, well, let's just say they've been like this for the rest of there short lives. Eighteen years to be exact.

"Oh will you just shut up too, nagger-pants!"

"So now you're name calling clever-ass, why don't we just change your name to whiny while you're at it!"

One year ago, they both found themselves stranded in their school. It was raining hard, the sky was dark and all the buses home have left for their their first rounds. Serendipitously, they both ended up being last in line for their own bus services home.



They both had to wait for the next round of buses to arrive. Since it was raining really hard, commuting home wasn't a possibility. I know, I know, it was the perfect stage for some romantic lovey-dovey, maybe even steamy hot you know what. Well, yeah, you can say it was and even stereotypically so, but you might have forgotten who we are talking about here.



Yes. So what happened then? Did they just serendipitously parted ways too? Quite the contrary actually. And no, there wasn't any steamy hot you know what either. Things still got steamy though; at least their heads were.

"Oh would you just pipe down lady, this is getting too old."

"Then for once in your life, just swallow up your damn pride and apologize!"

It was the same, then till now.

"Fine fine, I apologize, are you happy now?"


"What did I do now?"


Still dreadfully, delightfully the same, then till now.

"Fine, I apologize, seriously."

"I'm sorry too."

Do I have to repeat myself? Then till now!

"Geez, this again? Come here you!"


Then till now!

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