Monday, July 20, 2009

Simply because

The heart of mine might be weak
But the love it gives is strong
That when we part or you're away
For your soul it misses, it longs

I had wished for us to be as one
Till the day my flesh lasts alive
It was folly to think, naive even
That I thought without you I won't survive

It's true perhaps, my heart is frail
That when you're gone I'm as in death
But I found it isn't true, merely an illusion
I've created, for my own continued breath

It was an excess of human love
That my heart had come to express
I boxed you in, trapped you shut
And forced myself in excess

I feared you'd be gone, you'd fly away
One of the only true family I've found
I treasured you, held you tight
But in the end, I only got you bound

Please do not think I'm in regret
That my life I lived for you alone
But now I'm wiser, I have thought more
And now I'm but no longer forlorn

For in human love I found one stronger
A perfect love that isn't mine
And this I give to you, with devotion true
Love that is patterned from the divine

A patient love, a kind love, a love that never envies
Nor does it boast, nor is it proud, nor rude or close to anger
A love that isn't self seeking nor remembers any fault
One that rejoices in truth and in evil it does not wander

A love that will forever protect
A love that will always persevere
A love that lasts and will always be true
A love that had never known failure

It's hard, be it so, it still stings a little
But obsession stepping into foolishness is not love
And though I may make the same mistakes from before
I'll try and promise to root my love from up above

If this all statements pressure you
I beg of you, just please be still
Don't worry, I ask you not to reciprocate
Just do things as you will

Because for you I will always be waiting
With a patient heart, be it weak
But the love it gives for you is strong
It's still more than I can speak

Just that today I think true love I've known
Though I can't deny I might still be lacking
But nonetheless, I still give to you my all
Just shut up and keep on living

For I told you before, still I'm telling you now
And I will always be telling you so
in proficiency and kind it had evolved;
Not a measure will it change

I love you dearest, I love you true
And till I can, my frail heart will always be for you

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love you

dearest I love you


And till I can my frail heart will

always be for you