Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ad Continuum Chapter 2 Episode 4

Episode 4!. Full view here.

A little behind the scenes if you may.

I have finally begun stabilizing the posting schedule of my comic. I'm still trying to get used to it, so expect some comics to be less at par (but hopefully not) with my previous works. I'm also experimenting with a different font size, and a different way of framing. Most of my old comics, I noticed, were framed up close. I'm trying to vary this framing, and it seemed to me that I had to adjust my font sizes as well.

Anyway, my girlfriend asked me recently how I plan for my comics. Well, today I give you a little tidbit. Basically I plan everything in notepad, describing the scenes within the frames with keywords that would make me recall the idea I had in mind for that frame. Then I follow it up with the dialogue I put in it, with comments in case I need to remember some other stuff. Call it a comic skeleton. Wouldn't you like to see one? Well, how's about I show you the comic plan for today's comic?

-------- FRAME 1 -------
Scene: Koizumi getting up, Nagato kneeling beside him.
Koizumi: I don't remember much... What happened? Why are you here?
Nagato: I found you unconscious. You were barely breathing. I brought you here.

-------- FRAME 2A ------
Scene: Focus on Nagato about to sit down away from Koizumi
Koizumi: Ugh... My head hurts.
Nagato: It would be unwise to get up. Your level of injury was close to fatal.

-------- FRAME 2B ------
Scene: Focus on Koizumi, looking down at his condition.
Nagato: I had to perform... Manipulations.
Koizumi: I see...

-------- FRAME 3 -------
Scene: Koizumi talking with Nagato
Koizumi: You haven't answered my question. Why are you here?
Nagato: I do not have an answer to your inquiry.
Koizumi: I see...
Nagato: However

-------- FRAME 4 -------
Scene: Koizumi, surprised.
Koizumi: However?
Nagato: There is only one plausible explanation.
Koizumi: And that is?
Nagato: She is probably here.

Nice eh? Well, I must admit, its far less than how most other comic writers would, and this method of planning may evolve the more comics I create. Anyway, see you all on the next ride! And oh! I've created a comic reader for Ad Continuum, but it's in the alpha version, so don't expect much. Visit it here!

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