Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ad Continuum Episode 2

Ah, the wonders of over-productivity, today you get not one but two comic pages!. Click here for the full view of the first one, and here for the full view of the second one.

A little behind the scenes if you may.

Fans of the komikos timeline, don't despair. I also have a comic outlined already for komikos (actually around 2 or 3) but I felt the need to advance the ad continuum plot for now, since the first episode left so many unanswered questions (like these two episodes won't [angry]). I hope these two comic pages help answer some of those!

The reason why I made two (apart from my laziness to actually do anything else) is because if I only showed the first page, the second might come out in maybe Wednesday of the following week. That would create a three to four day lag, which could make the plot confusing. Cliffhangers are good devices for keeping people interested, but there exists a fine line between interest and confusion. I do not want to cross that line. No sir.

The yellow hazy atmosphere of RX' realm is supposed to be a tribute to him being "the child of the sun". I hope it did it's job, and not leave everyone's eyes aching and complaining about how the background is too bright (and making jokes about now being able to see Black RX clearly, since, you know, he's black... and the background is... bright... whatever). What do you think?

Anyway, so there you have it! I'm trying to stabilize and regularize the publishing schedule of these comics, but that would have to wait at least for another week, when my other activity schedules begin stabilizing and regularizing as well.

See you all on the next ride!

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