Sunday, September 20, 2009

From An Other's Eyes Episode 1

I wonder why they had me sent here?

Everything here seems normal. You can say the only thing unique about this school is it being atop a small hill. The facilities are complete, the computers and other equipment are par at best; nothing hints of any unwanted malefactors. Clearly those who sent me here must be in the wrong.

And I suppose they did not send me here to study, that would be a joke I won't be able to forgive.

I suppose I should better just enjoy the scenery. The view from up a hill is simply astonishing; you can see for miles on end! The endless sky stretches as far as the eye can see, punctuated occasional white clouds floating nonchalantly, without a damn about the events transpiring below. Quite beautiful, on many layers.

The students here are about as normal as the clouds in the sky. The girls are quite unextraordinarily beautiful, though one can argue the concentration of beautiful girls in this school surpasses normal schools to a certain degree. The guys, well, let's just say I'm not really into them; though for the sake of observation, let's just say they're not really as par with the girls.

Still, jokes and quips aside, this school is quite fairly normal. Maybe this assignment was a mistake after all.

The requisite class introduction went as smooth as it can be. I've been "transferred" into this school about around two months into the academic year, so my introduction was rather brief. The agency gave me all the fake information I needed, even to the extent of giving me a staged family rest house in an island somewhere. Unnecessary in my opinion, but the agency I suppose knows best.

First and second periods went smoothly as well, although I'm only barely able to feign interest. They were not subjects alien to me; in fact I am quite familiar with them already. The teachers would ask me if I could keep up and replying affirmatively gets annoying and redundant. That said, first break was a much welcome respite, not that I do anything much during breaks except sit down and fake a smile. Agency orders, don't get me wrong.

It was of particular interest though that I saw this strange girl pacing along the corridor outside our classroom. She's not from my class, but she seems to be waiting for someone; her boyfriend perhaps? A shame really, she is quite a sight.

"Yo! Will you like to join us for lunch or something? You didn't leave the room during the first break so we thought you might not have got any friends, so you know, you could hang out with us if you want..."

Nosy kid. The next two periods went smoothly as well, lunch break has just about begun.

"H-Hey... Y-You're the new student right? I-I'm Aya... I-It's a pleasure to meet you!"

"Pleasure to meet you too!"

Didn't imagine that I'd attract this much attention so soon.

"Transfer student! You may have seen me pacing around your classroom during first break. Meet me at the front gate after class."

And with that and a loud thud on my desk, the pretty girl left. Quite the energetic kid, and quite a surprise. Everyone stood still, frozen as if an apparition showed up in front of them. I can hear people murmuring her name; I infer she must be quite popular. And the invitation piqued my curiosity, as anyone would be. Still, she seemed oddly different, like there is something about her I cannot ascertain.

Things just might start to get interesting.

The rest of the class neither interested me nor gave me a reason to actually bother. Of course, it's not as if the teachers were incompetent, it's just that the subjects weren't really of much interest to me. Plus, I have an invitation I need to answer to, and I'm curious as to why it got my attention so much.

The next moment I found myself being pulled by the hand into a rather decrepit but still decent looking school building. The girl who gave me the rather extravagant invitation explained to me what the facility was for, saying that it was a building dedicated to school clubs and other extra-curricular activities and how she started a club of her own. In between she would ask me about my family, what my parents did for a living, if I know of any mysterious event with regards to my family. I answered with as much fake honesty and interest as I could, which did not help her incessant interrogation.

We finally stopped in front of what seems to be an old clubroom. The sign did not seem to fit her vibrant personality, but I digress. She went in ahead and began introducing everybody, me to them and them to me. Though I couldn't care less who they are.

What bothers me is how they have all assembled here. Coincidence perhaps?

They regarded me as I regarded them, with the exception of one who seemed irritated by my presence. They must have realized it as well; after all, what kind of happenstance would bring together an alien, a time traveller and an esper. After leading me in and locking the door shut, my host finally introduced herself, with her face glowing immaculate. Her introduction answered all the questions forming in my mind.

"... and I am Haruhi Suzumiya and this is the S.O.S Brigade! "

Seems like the agency was correct after all.

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