Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Closer (a conversation with myself from a time long gone)

I can't believe it
Me neither, who knew it'd come to this?
How far we've come
Five years is not a short time
How close we are
We've known each other more since then...
With each passing moment
It had been so long, and still we count in moments
With each daring step
I made a lot of mistakes from then
We take on destiny
No, it's no longer destiny. It's providence.
With each push of will
Will alone cannot account for it, it's because we still choose to be
We traverse an everlasting journey
I was naive... But I still pray our journey together would last a lifetime

Fighting the urge to stop
Yes, there had been times, but I regret each one of them
Battling the will to give up
Each painful sin I commit, each offense I inadvertently did...
Unleashing all energies
I ask you for forgiveness, I know I've been unreasonable
Exhausting all available means
I tried as hard as I could, I really only wanted you to feel
But it doesn't matter
It does. The difficulties we faced, the hardships we endured
I don't care how hard
I still do not care
For us to be closer
For us to be closer
I'd give everything up
Everything is a heavy word...

Everything up...
Everything is not enough anyway, to express how I truly feel inside

Five years have passed. You've changed, I changed. The relationship we shared have changed. Still, three words would never change. And you know very well those three words.

I love you.
And I still do, and if you allow me, I would even more...

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love you

dearest I love you


And till I can my frail heart will

always be for you